Innovation is to do what others are not doing, to create something outside of the usual, to trailblaze new paths rather than the mundane.


With 20+ years in the Agency, Public and Private sectors, C2 is well versed in corporate communication, creative workflow, brand awareness, strategic planning, client relations and keeping projects on budget and on deadline. Award-Winning creativity and project management collide.

Clients include:

Carmax, Capital One, Henry Lewis & DC Lottery, among others. 

User Experience

Each customer is met with a distinct, yet consistent focus. It is our goal to promote ideas and relay information in a concise way in an effort to foster open communication and an overall stellar user experience. 

Customer experience is a holistic approach that goes beyond customer service department and is the responsibility of everyone in an organization.

Social Media

With over 1 billion active daily users, advertising on social media reaches an enormous audience, but requires using more complex targeting and different ad types than other advertising platforms.


Our experienced team of digital advertising specialists understand social media's unique features, and how to best use them to maximize results for your specific needs.